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The Online Course

Our online course is study at your own pace and all video based learning.Each section contains the basic knowledge one needs in order to pass a final interview process. When you log off the course, and back in again, the course will continue where it left off making it easy for you to proceed with your learning.   At the end of each topic, you will be able to download PDF files containing review questions and answers that can be used for your final exam.

The online curriculum contains the following topics: Jewish history, What it means to be a Jew, The life cycle of being Jewish (from birth to death), Dietary Laws, Common objects found in a temple and a Jewish home, and the Jewish Holidays. Scheduled phone calls, Skype, or FaceTime meetings are also available to each student depending on the learning package selected.

In Jewish Law - Anyone who accepts Judaism by choice - Can and will be accepted into the Jewish community.

Reform vs Traditional

Reform Judaism

Reform Judaism centers around Judaism coexisting effectively with those who live in modern times in all cultures. Reform Judaism has enabled the Jewish people to introduce innovation and more liberal philosophies into the religion while preserving tradition.

Reform Judaism embraces diversity and believes that we are all partners in improving the world.  Reform Judaism also accepts the core values of Judaism – God, Torah and Israel – even as it acknowledges the diversity of Jewish beliefs and practices. Reform Jews accept the Torah as the foundation of Jewish life and see the Torah as a living document that enables us to confront the challenges of our everyday lives.

Reform Jews are committed to the principle of inclusion and reachimg out to Jews-by-choice and interfaith families. Reform Jews consider children to be Jewish if they are the child of a Jewish father or mother. 

Reform Jews are committed to the absolute equality of women and all people in all areas of Jewish life. Reform Judaism was the first movement to ordain women rabbis, invest women cantors, elect women presidents of synagogues, and welcome the full participation of gays and lesbians in synagogue life.

Reform Judaism gives its members autonomy to practice Jewish rituals and holidays as they best fit their place in their community and society.

Traditional Judaism

The terms “traditional” means that Jews should attempt to conserve Jewish tradition. Traditional Judaism teaches that the Torah and Talmud are of divine origin, and thus mandate following halakhah (Jewish law).

The Traditional movement also recognizes the human element in society and accepts modern scholarship that shows Jewish writings were completed under the influence of other cultures that can help enrich the Jewish community.

Therefore, Traditional Judaism believes in applying modern interpretation to the Torah and Talmud as long as the belief remains centered around the core values of Judaism. These seven core values are:

  • The importance of Israel
  • Hebrew: as the language of Jewish expression
  • Devotion to the ideals of the Jewish community
  • The Defining Role of Torah
  • The Study of Torah
  • The Governance of Jewish Life by Halakha (Jewish law)
  • And Belief in God

This doesn’t mean that Traditional Judaism demands all Jews settle in Israel or speak Hebrew. But maintaining the sense of Jewish Community and adhering to its laws as described in the Torah and Talmud is first and foremost the way to live a Jewish life.

Reform Judaism

  • Recognized anywhere in the world by the Reform movement.
  • Enables you to join a Jewish Reform congregation.
  • Allows you to participate in all Jewish life cycles as a Reform Jew from birth to death.
  • Allows you to be buried in a Jewish cemetery after the final life cycle event has occurred.
  • Allows you to have all rights and privileges of all Reform Jews in the temple of your choice in your religious community.
  • Enables you to approach any Reform rabbi as a member of the Jewish community as a full-fledged Jew!

Traditional Judaism

  • Accepted by Birthright which assists with claiming your birthright trip to Israel.
  • Follows the guidelines of Jewish law - Keeping Shabbat, Kosher, Jewish holidays, and a Jewish community.
  • Protects future children to be regarded as Jews because of the bet din exam, mikveh and circumcision.
  • Allows you to be buried in a Jewish cemetery after the final life cycle event has occurred.
  • Enables you to participate in all Jewish life cycle events as a Jew.
  • Traditional conversions are more acceptable in the eyes of the Jewish community.

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  • Most affordable online Jewish learning and conversion program on the web.
  • Our online course is study at your own pace and has no hidden fee’s.
  • 36 hours of award winning online audio and video content.
  • We provide books to our students free of charge (upon request).
  • Students don’t have to travel to complete their conversions.
  • Rabbi Marc has been converting people to Judaism for over 40 years.
  • Rabbi Marc taught a “Judaism Conversion” course at UC Berkeley – Our online course was designed after the same curriculum.
  • Acceptance into the Jewish faith certificates are sent to you by mail upon completion of the program and final exam beit din.
  • Our certificates come from the Reform Movement and Central Conference of American Rabbi’s.
  • Our certificates are registered at the National Archives in Cleveland Ohio.
  • Rabbi Marc has converted celebrities that you see on the big screen.
  • We write letters for our students to place them in congregations all over the world (upon request).
  • We assist our students with scheduling their Mikveh Immersions in order to finalize their conversion.
  • We offer 24/7 online support (except on Shabbat).
  • If we’re not helping you reach your spiritual goals, we are not doing our job!

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