Thanksgiving Blog

I wanted to share with my family and Facebook friends the business side of the Ten things that I am most thankful for on this Thanksgiving in my life.

  1. I feel very blessed for my personal health and the health of my family amid all the troubles in the world.

  2. I am very blessed to have business success with my son Jeff to have so many students converting to Judaism on line. I’m bringing the joy of Judaism to so many people around the world.

  3. After many months of trying,  I just found out that I will be on Good Morning San Diego next Tuesday morning at 9:15 am talking about my new Hannukah book Oni and the Kingdom of Onion.

  4. Thank you Rabbi Light for allowing me to  be a guest rabbi at Tarbut v’Torah Jewish day school, lower division, on December 6. This date, is right in the middle during Hannukah. I will be there  with Oni the Onion.  I’ll be doing a Hannukah program with the elementary school that whole day with the children and their parents.

  5. I am thankful that I have been applying as an applicant for a Fellowship Grant with Interfaith Family in Boston, for my work with Interfaith families and with individuals and engaged couples.

  6. I have applied for the best Jewish novel of the year with the Jewish Book Club in Manhattan for my wedding novel, Weddings by the Glass.

  7. I am applying for the best new children’s book of the year with Oni and the kingdom of Onion.

  8. I am so Thankful for receiving a letter of recognition through e mail from Teachable, for having one of the best business model platforms for my on line Jewish conversion course. They even want to interview me and share my success with others.

  9. I am Thankful for Morgan James publishing and Interfaith Family for believing in me.

  10. I am thankful to Gershon Bacchus Vitners (Winery) and especially to Kenny and Christina, the owners of the winery, allowing me to bring kosher style wine to the Temecula Valley and to the world.

With all this and more, Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving weekend.

All the best,

Rabbi Marc