Rabbi Marc on Netflix Series Tidying Up

On New Year’s Day, I received several phone calls and several messages from my friends, that I was on segment chapter 4 of  5 chapters, on the one hour new  TV show on the Netflix series, Tidying  Up.

The series focuses on tidying up your lives, by cleaning up the messes in your life in your home. Five years ago, I was the officiant for a wonderful couple, the Friends, who were married here locally in California.  Two children and five years later into their marriage, there House is full of clutter.  They seek professional help to clean up the messes in their home. What will they discard and what will they keep, keeps you in suspense the whole program.  Of course they have pictures of their wedding ceremony. Since I am one of the main characters in the wedding video, which is shown in the TV program, I will tell you in advance, for those that did not see the show, I was kept in their home and not discarded.  Yeah!!!

This is my second TV appearance on main network television in successive months. I wonder where I will show up next month, on what television program!  Stay Tuned!

Best wishes to all for a happy new year.

All the best,

Rabbi Marc