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Rabbi Marc Rubenstein is a pioneer in interfaith marriages and a distinguished Hebrew scholar. He studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem before obtaining his bachelor’s degree in religion and history studies at American University in Washington DC. He received his rabbinical training at the Academy for Jewish Religion in New York City. Rabbi Marc is now the author of the novel Weddings by the Glass and Jewish children’s book Oni and the Kingdom of Onion.  He has served as teacher and principal at various Hebrew schools. He currently lives in Temecula, California.

Rabbi Marc Rubenstein

Rabbi Marc Rubenstein, a distinguished Hebrew scholar and conversion expert, has been converting individuals to Judaism for over 50 years. His personalized approach and customized guidance make him the preferred choice for those seeking to convert to Judaism.

With an illustrious career spanning more than 50 years, Rabbi Marc Rubenstein is a revered expert in converting individuals to Judaism. His passion for bringing people from various backgrounds into the Jewish faith has earned him widespread acclaim. Distinguished from many other Traditional or Reform Rabbis who perform conversions solely in their synagogues, Rabbi Marc offers comprehensive and “customized” guidance, ensuring a personalized and meaningful conversion process for every individual.

A notable Hebrew scholar, Rabbi Rubenstein embarked on his academic journey at the esteemed Hebrew University in Jerusalem, immersing himself in the language and culture of the Jewish people. He further honed his knowledge by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Religion & History Studies from American University in Washington, D.C. His rabbinical training took place at the distinguished Academy for Jewish Religion in NY, and he proudly earned a master’s degree in Jewish History from New York University.

As a seasoned conversion expert with over five decades of experience, Rabbi Marc Rubenstein invites you to embark on a transformative journey towards embracing the Jewish faith. Whether you seek conversion for personal or marital reasons, his compassionate guidance and extensive knowledge will support you every step of the way.

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