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  • Most affordable online Jewish learning and conversion program on the web.
  • Our online course has no hidden fee’s.
  • 36 hours of award winning online audio and video content.
  • We provide books to our students free of charge (upon request).
  • Students don’t have to travel to complete their conversions.
  • Rabbi Marc has been converting people to Judaism for over 40 years.
  • Rabbi Marc taught a “Judaism Conversion” course at UC Berkley – Our online course was designed after the same curriculum.
  • Acceptance into the Jewish faith certificates are sent to you by mail upon completion of the program and final exam beit din.
  • Our certificates come from the Reform Movement and Central Conference of American Rabbi’s.
  • Our certificates are registered at the National Archives in Cleveland Ohio.
  • Rabbi Marc has converted celebrities that you see on the big screen.
  • We write letters for our students to place them in congregations all over the world (upon request).
  • We assist our students with scheduling their Mikveh Immersions in order to finalize their conversion.
  • We offer 24/7 online support (except on Shabbat).
  • If we’re not helping you reach your spiritual goals, we are not doing our job!

Accepted into the Jewish Faith

Our Graduates

convert to judaism online
Convert to Judaism Online

Here are a few of graduates from this year (2018) including Weston Cage (son of Hollywood movie star Nicholas Cage).  All of our graduates are now active in their own Jewish communities.



Convert to Judaism Online


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What people are saying about us:

Rabbi Marc was professional, patient, and inspiring. Last week, he helped me apply for my birthright trip to Israel. I am 24 years old and proud to be Jewish. I am very lucky to get this experience. Thank you so much. You have changed my life forever!
John Antonio
I have wanted to convert to Judaism for as long as I can remember. I am almost 30 years old and feel like I am just starting my life. I can’t believe I can finally say that I am a member of the Jewish community. Thank you Rabbi Marc! You are truly a Rabbi to the stars!
Tiffany Santero
I started the online course in 2017. Like a Rabbi in your pocket, I can rely on him every day. I have Rabbi Marc on speed dial in my phone, and he picks up every time I call. He responds to every email within the hour. Thanks Rabbi Marc, I know we will continue to chat.
Brandon Smith
Active Students
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