A Healthy Look at Diversity and Religious History

Nickcole Watkins
Morgan James Publishing


NEW YORK—MONTH XX, 2018–Morgan James’s new release, Oni and the Kingdom of Onion by Rabbi Marc Rubenstein, illustrated by Hannah Miller and Tamra Gerard, is a faith-based children’s book for readers ages three to eight. Rubenstein offers an important lesson on tolerance and diversity, along with a unique perspective that teaches historical facts about the first Hanukkah.

In this charming narrative where vegetables come to life, Oni and the Kingdom of Onion teaches children kindness and respect as Oni Onion, Carli Carrot, Lucy Lettuce, and more explain how they all work together to make a delicious salad. Discouraged by the constant fighting and discord they see in the media, the vegetables discuss human intolerance, and how they wish everyone could just get along.

As Oni and his friends explore their differences, Oni delves into his personal history. He explains that his roots go all the way back to the first Hanukkah, allowing Oni to share the story of how the holiday came to be. Oni tells the other veggies about two Hebrew brothers, Tobias and Onias, who couldn’t stop fighting, and a Greek named Antiochus, who hated the Jews. At the resolution of the story, Tobias and Onias settle their differences, Antiochus is driven out of the land, and through mutual respect, the nations finally find peace.

Oni and the Kingdom of Onion gives a lesson in both history and human relationships, all with an endearing cast of friends that young readers love. The beautiful illustrations are eye catching and engaging, and the relatable characters draw readers into the story. Parents love sharing Oni and the Kingdom of Onion with their young ones, as Oni, Carli, Lucy, and the gang remind children to be kind to one another, respect those round them, and celebrate the differences that make us all unique and valuable.

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About the Author:
Rabbi Marc Rubenstein is a pioneer in interfaith marriages and a distinguished Hebrew scholar. He studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem before obtaining his bachelor’s degree in religion and history studies at American University in Washington DC. He received his rabbinical training at the Academy for Jewish Religion in New York City. Rabbi Marc is also the author of the novel Weddings by the Glass and has served as teacher and principal at various Hebrew schools. He currently lives in Temecula, California.

Hannah Miller is 14 years old and is already a very talented and award-winning young artist. She aspires to become a professional illustrator. Hannah lives in Irvine, California. Tamra Gerard received her art degree from Cal State University Fullerton. She is a commissioned oil painter specializing in animal portraits, award-winning graphic designer, and muralist. Tamra lives in Murrieta, California.

More About This Title:
Oni and the Kingdom of Onion by Rabbi Marc Rubenstein, illustrated by Hannah Miller and Tamra Gerard, will be released by Morgan James Publishing on December 4, 2018. Oni and the Kingdom of Onion—ISBN 978-1642790573—has 46 pages and is being sold as a trade paperback for $9.95.

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