A Future Best Seller From A Happy Fella, “Oni the Onion”

I just returned from Nashville. It was my second trip there this year for the premiere of by second book, Oni and the Kingdom of Onion. I was very happy with the trip and the interview. If I were any happier, I’d be a second person. Morgan James is doing everything to promote the book nationally and internationally. Their sales team is the greatest! Locally the book will be premiered at Tarbut v’Torah elementary Jewish day school in Irvine on December 6 all day. On Thanksgiving weekend, Weston Cage will be in Temecula signing books and helping me sell them. The book makes a perfect holiday gift for Jew and non Jew, especially with its message of peace to end all violence. The books are on sale on Amazon; but you can purchase them from me NOW before Hannukah begins by contacting me with your order. The soft covered books are $9.95 and the hard covered books are $19.95.

For a more viable and vivacious community of world peace ,

All the best,

Rabbi Marc