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Is it possible to convert to Judaism online?

The simple answer is yes. Especially in this digital age and for people who may not have day-to-day access to a Jewish community where they live or work.  Converting to any religion is not easy.  It takes time and commitment to learning about what it means to be Jewish and live a Jewish lifestyle. This knowledge can be gained through study and worship no matter where you might live. Rabbi Marc Rubenstein has created this online Jewish learning and conversion program to assist individuals who are without a Jewish community.

In Jewish Law - Anyone who accepts Judaism by choice - Can and will be accepted into the Jewish community.

How It Works


Contact Us, Tell us your story. Rabbi Marc will contact you personally with details on how to access the online course.

Take the Course

Our course is video based. Study at your own pace from anywhere in the world. Works on PC, MAC, or smartphone.

Convert to Judaism

Rabbi Marc will complete your conversion, and present you with your Acceptance into the Jewish faith certificate.

The Online Course

Our online course is study at your own pace and all video based learning. Each section contains the basic knowledge one needs in order to pass a final interview process. When you log off the course, and back in again, the course will continue where it left off making it easy for you to proceed with your learning.   At the end of each topic, you will be able to download PDF files containing review questions and answers that can be used for your final exam.

The online curriculum contains the following topics: Jewish history, What it means to be a Jew, The life cycle of being Jewish (from birth to death), Dietary Laws, Common objects found in a temple and a Jewish home, and the Jewish Holidays. Scheduled phone calls, Skype, or FaceTime meetings are also available to each student depending on the learning package selected.

Rabbi Marc Rubenstein

Rabbi Marc Rubenstein considers bringing those from various backgrounds into the Jewish faith as one of his greatest professional accomplishments and privileges. Whether someone is called to the religion for marital or other personal reasons, he has developed a path and timeline that is right for every student’s situation.

  Unlike many other conservative or reformed rabbis who convert individuals in their synagogues, he offers “customized” guidance and final certification welcoming students into the Jewish faith.

Also a Hebrew scholar, Rabbi Rubenstein studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem before obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Religion & History Studies from American University in Washington, D.C. His rabbinical training was conducted at the Academy for Jewish Religion in NY. He achieved a master’s degree in Jewish History from New York University.

Sophie Ouk (Personal Assistant)

My name is Sophie Ouk, and it is my honor to have been Rabbi Marc’s personal assistant for many years.  I am in charge of everything online related.  This includes everything related to our website, the online course, including enrollment.

I am here to assist you in any way that I can as you embark on your journey towards being accepted into the Jewish faith.  If at any point during the online course, you need my assistance – Please don’t hesitate to contact by Email or phone. I will do my best to get back to you right away, and answer any questions you might have regarding the program.

Accepted into the Jewish Faith

Our Graduates

Here are a few of graduates from this year (2018) including Weston Cage (son of Hollywood movie star Nicholas Cage).  All of our graduates are now active in their own Jewish communities.

What people are saying about us:

Rabbi Marc was professional, patient, and inspiring. Last week, he helped me apply for my birthright trip to Israel. I am 24 years old and proud to be Jewish. I am very lucky to get this experience. Thank you so much. You have changed my life forever!
John Antonio
I have wanted to convert to Judaism for as long as I can remember. I am almost 30 years old and feel like I am just starting my life. I can’t believe I can finally say that I am a member of the Jewish community. Thank you Rabbi Marc! You are truly a Rabbi to the stars!
Tiffany Santero
I started the online course in 2017. Like a Rabbi in your pocket, I can rely on him every day. I have Rabbi Marc on speed dial in my phone, and he picks up every time I call. He responds to every email within the hour. Thanks Rabbi Marc, I know we will continue to chat.
Brandon Smith
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